Thursday, December 29, 2011

PA River Barge

In a world gone apocalyptic, shelter and safety will be at a premium.  Whether its defending against radioactive raiders, or fending off hordes of the walking dead, water-craft are some of the safest place to be.  Surrounded by water and mobile, these floating fortresses will be bastions of safety in a hostile world.

Here's my entry into the informal "2011 Boat Building Challenge" over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum:

In scale feet, the barge would be approx 65 ft long by 37.3 ft wide
Wood planking covers the hold, giving the occupants shelter and storage
A cabin, made from scraps of wood and metal affords topside shelter

Sandbags provide protection against marauders

A WIP thread can be found here, detailing how it was made and showing pre-paint photos.  The sandbags are the only new edition since that thread and are from Acheson Creations.  I plan on carrying this project over into 2012 by adding the following modular pieces; although I am not sure if it will stay on the Workbench list.

An armored watch tower
Goods and portage for the deck
An ACE ZU 23-2 kit

Another thing that occurred to me to do is to create a concrete levy in order to create a river bank/dock feature for my developing PA table.

Friday, December 23, 2011

TEOTWAWKI - Blasted Ruins WIP, Pt 2

Prepped some more ruins for painting. These are actually the second batch I' readied for painting.  The others, which have previously been post on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum will be posted here on ZSS sometime in January.

The upper floor of this piece comes off, so that figures can be placed in the basement.  It's cramped so no large figures won't fit; making it a good defensive position, when hiding from big nasties.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Ranger and a Rogue

I still like a lot of the old mini sculpts from the 80s and 90s.  Some of the old Ral Partha and Grenadier figs have held up well against the test of time.  A friend of mine gave me a big box of unpainted metal and I dig through it from time to time looking for figs to paint as a change of pace and to practice technique on.

Here are a couple of figs I did last weekend.  The same friend needed a fig for and RPG character he has, so I whipped one out for him, as well as a second one.

Ral Partha Ranger
He  had a very bad, teenage paint job from the 90's so I resurrected him. Originally, his shield was all white and had a what looked like a tree on it, so I recreated it as well.

Ral Parth Rogue
This is the fig for the RPG character.  Not sure if it'll fit the bill.  If it doesn't his group has a mountain of unpainted metal I can dig through to find the right one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

TEOTWAWKI - Blasted Ruins WIP

I pulled this post from a PA gaming forum that I haunt, in an attempt to bring all my efforts under one roof.

The first step in building the world of TEOTWAWKI is to make some blasted ruins. I started with a laser cut foam core 6 story building from Gamecraft.  With shipping it cost me $20.  It might seem a little steep in price, unless you've ever build ruins from foam core.  For me the money spent was worth it.  I'll most likely post a review of this item in the near future.  Here is is laid out on the table.

I then took and drew out my ruins and started cutting.  I numbered the pieces, so they didn't get mixed up in the pile.  In the end, I had very little in the way of unusable scrap material.

After I had the basic shapes cut out, I shaped them to look more like broken concrete and such.  I ended up with 13 pieces total; 9 corners and 4 standing walls:

Here's a close up of some of the corner pieces in various stages:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

TEOTWAWKI - My PA Project Gets A Hard Reboot.

I made the "mistake" of ordering some Post-Apoc figures from a company called Lead Adventure Miniatures.  I say it was a mistake, because when they arrived, and I was gob-smacked by how good they are.  They are so good that I decided to reboot my PA project, and build a new one around LAM's "The Last Project" minis.

The back ground will be reworked, giving it a much grittier, hard bitten flavor. The world will be much more devastated than what I envisioned in its predecessor.  Life will be harder and a lot cheaper.

The up side of all this is that there will be a lot less I will need to build.  All I need now is:

  1. 4' x 6' mat of some sort
  2. Enough ruined buildings to cover said 4' x 6' mat
  3. Bits and bobs to fill empty space between ruins
  4. 4 to 5 factions, with the possibility of more.
  5. 4 to 8 vehicles
The good news is that some of the stuff I have already will work in the new setting; the Salvage Crew and some ruins I am building.  Also, good news for other PA enthusiasts is that I will be selling some of the finished minis I had collected for the now defunct original project.

I hope to have something gameble  by fall of 2012, so I can run a game at Fall Recurits in Lee's Summit, MO.

Stay tuned, between now an the end of the year, I will be posting items I have finished, and am going to keep for this new incarnation.  I'll be bringing together some old posts from other sources.  Come Jan. 1, 2012, it will be all new content.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15mm Sci Fi Battle Armor

I'm always on the look out for different and unique figs.  Figures that can be re-purposed, converted and given new life always catch my eye.  I was working on a MechWarrior inspired project (more on that later) and I ran across some singles that would fit perfectly into 15mm Sci-Fi.  They are the Salamander and Undine Battle Armor from the MechWarrior Age of Destruction release. 

The Salamander Battle Armor figs come one to a base. I just popped them off the clicky bases, glued them on US pennies, based them, gave them a black wash and picked out highlights.
Salamander Battle Armor

The Undine Battle Armor come 2 to a base.  I finished these off in the same manner as the ones above.
Undine Battle Armor

In the comparison pic, below, you can see their size compared to a Rebel Mini Policeman and a Peter Pig US Marine.  The Salamander suits are in a crouched over walking pose, giving this example the sense of being smaller than it is.
(L to R) Undine BA, Rebel Mini Policeman, Salamander BA, Peter Pig US Marine
All in all they fit the part, and can be gotten at excellent to reasonable prices, depending on how to procure them.  Both of them are still fairly available through online sources for about .49 cents each.  Buying them from people who are dumping their collections (like I did), you can purchase them for pennies apiece.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Golden Oldies - Ral Partha Giants

I dug up some photos of a couple of RP giants I painted up a while ago.  These are two of my favorite sculpts.  They both hold up despite their age.

The first is a Storm Giant:
I love the bushy eyebrows

The next one is a Frost Giant.  This is by far one of my favorite minis.  I usually sell stuff I paint, the Storm Giant found a home someplace on the east coast, IIRC; not in this case, though.  This one has stayed in my personal collection:
I was especially pleased with the way the eyes and jewels turned out.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the Workbench - 12/01/11

4Here's this month's "On the Workbench" post.  Despite my best efforts, I ended up adding more stuff to the pile of unpainted minis.  My finished items and new items offset each other, a bit.  Still, not a bad month's output for November.

The new items and projects that I added stuff to are denoted by an * next to them.

On the Workbench for December 2011:
(This is all stuff that is partially finished; in no particular order)

15 28mm PA Survivors* - 3, 5 man packs from Lead Adventure Miniatures
20 Clicky Zombies* - Beefing up the amount of clicky Zeds I have.
20 Mantic Ghouls* - Mantic Ghoul Regiment 
20 28mm Zombies - Wargames Factory Plastic Zombies
6 28mm Survivors - Obelisck Nighthawk gang 
6 28mm Vampires - Pontoonier Wierd West vampires for Two Hour Wargames.  Unfinished commission work that needs to be done ASAP, as I've really let Ed down on this.  I have a feeling that I am just going to finish the project gratis
12 28mm Survivors - Atcheson Designs ATZ figs.  I will be doing an in depth review and size comparison on them 
28mm Post Apoc Ruins Project - Ruins made from Gamecraft's Foamcore 6 story building.  This one is half done.
10mm Ruins Project - Foamcore ruins for a BTech style game using Mechwarrior figs; another half finished project.
28mm River Barge - Post Apoc watercraft
28mm Vehicles* - 6-8 vehicles for my survivor; added another vehicle in November
15mm Suburbia - Paper/foamcore houses for suburban Lazarus. 
50 20mm WWII Russians - Minis for a semi defunct NUTS! East Front project I planned
2 T-34/85s - Same As Above
Various Fantasy/Sci Fi minis* - I have a box of old minis I use to try out techniques and hone my skills.  I have quite a few half painted figs that I'd like to finish

November's Finished Projects/Minis 
 (I will be posting these up through out the monthr, as I get photos and such)

15mm Armor - USMC LAV-25 and a US Army M2 Bradley
30 28mm Zombies - Mantic Zombie Regiment Box (Look for this post over at Welcome To Lazarus in the future)
2 "Clicky" Zombies - (Look for this post over at Welcome To Lazarus in the future) 
1 Foundry Street Violence Figure (Look for this post over at Welcome To Lazarus in the future)
6 man 28mm Post Apoc gang - Junior's Salvage Crew
10 15mm Survivors -You can see the first half of the "Here"
15mm Suburban House Test - Test house for modeling a suburan area for Lazarus
1 "Clicky" Scarecrow Conversion - Not sure where this one will show up, yet.