Fantasy Fixtures Gaming Emporium

If you are interested in any of the items listed below, you can contact me at: garren(dot)allard(AT)gmail(dot)com.  Feel free to dicker about the price.  Doesn't mean they'll change; at the very least you'll feel like you're trying to get a good deal.

While prices may be negotiable, the following is not:
All items will be invoiced through PayPal, and shipping will be via USPS Priority mail, w/ Delivery Confirmation.

Ogre Kingdom Gnoblar Trappers
Price: $16, or a worthwhile trade
Description:  Eight painted Gnoblar Trappers, from GWFB's Ogre Kingdoms.  I am looking for the cash listed, or a suitable trade.

PSC 1/72nd Russians
Price: $20.00 USD
Description: 57, 1/72nd scale Russian soldiers, assembled and partially painted.  Great starter force for WWII gaming.

Pegasus T35/85 Tanks
Price: $7.00 USD
Description: Unbuilt box with 2 1/72nd scale T34/85 tanks

Dorthy's Zombie Friends
Price: $2.00 USD
Description: Horrorclix figures, Zombie Scarecrow, Zombie Tinman and Zombie Lion; cards for all 3 included.

Horrorclix Tomb Mummy
Price: .49 Cents USD
Description: Silver. w/ card