Thursday, March 8, 2012


I purchased a couple of sports car wrecks from Firedragon Games, recently.  I threw some paint on them last night.  I finished them up by adding some coarse turf and some weeds to make them look suitably ruined and abandoned.  They'll make great filler for my PA table that is taking shape.  Here's a pic of them, with a couple of 25mm figs for scale.

They are a little small; they are sports cars, though.  The angle of the pic makes them look smaller than they are, for some reason.  They do fit well with my 1/43rd scale vehicles.  They are appropriately wrecked, too.  Aside from washing them, I didn't have to do any prep work on them, as the casts were very clean.  They cost me about $8.00 each, which isn't too terribly bad. All in all, they were a good purchase.

On a side note, the shopping cart at the Firedragon site didn't discount the VAT as it should have. Paul from FD Games sent me an email telling me about it.  He threw in a sandbagged position with my order to make up for he extra charge.  I wouldn't have know the difference; yet he did so, anyway.  That's the type of business ethics that makes companies worth dealing with, so consider FD Games highly endorsed by me.

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  1. That's a good endoresement -and a lovely pair of wrecks. Nice work.