Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Fifty Cent Miniature Challenge

Every year I challenge myself to do something hobby related.  You know, just to keep myself motivated and focused on something.  It varies from year to year.  Well, several years ago I did what I called the "Fifty Cent Miniature Challenge"  That is I take a miniature I acquired for fifty cents and see what I can parlay it into over the course of  year. Some times it was painting and selling a fig, other times it was horse trading for something, and still at other times reselling items I'de acquired.

Two years ago I did this with the figure you see to the right.  By Dec. 31st, I had managed to turn that fifty cent investment into a 36' flat screen TV; purchased with cash raised throughout the challenge, along with about $400 worth of gaming stuff.  That included miniatures, terrain, supplies, and what not.

I really enjoyed doing it and had a lot of neat gaming stuff pass through my hands in the process.  In the same spirit, I am announcing the start of my

"2012 Fifty Cent Miniature Challenge".

I've rummaged through my collection and found what I think is going to be a smashing figure to start with.  It's a great sculpt, and fits into a niche that even with today's economy seems to be doing well.  So, without further adieu, I unveil the first mini in the 2012 FCM Challenge:
This is a re-purposed Horrorclix mini that I used for my Christmas greeting over at Welcome To Lazarus.  I have a small case that will go with it, turning it into a nice little display figure, which is still gamable, if desired.

366 Days Remaining
Balance: -$.50

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  1. This is actually a very cool idea. I may start something similar myself.