Thursday, December 29, 2011

PA River Barge

In a world gone apocalyptic, shelter and safety will be at a premium.  Whether its defending against radioactive raiders, or fending off hordes of the walking dead, water-craft are some of the safest place to be.  Surrounded by water and mobile, these floating fortresses will be bastions of safety in a hostile world.

Here's my entry into the informal "2011 Boat Building Challenge" over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum:

In scale feet, the barge would be approx 65 ft long by 37.3 ft wide
Wood planking covers the hold, giving the occupants shelter and storage
A cabin, made from scraps of wood and metal affords topside shelter

Sandbags provide protection against marauders

A WIP thread can be found here, detailing how it was made and showing pre-paint photos.  The sandbags are the only new edition since that thread and are from Acheson Creations.  I plan on carrying this project over into 2012 by adding the following modular pieces; although I am not sure if it will stay on the Workbench list.

An armored watch tower
Goods and portage for the deck
An ACE ZU 23-2 kit

Another thing that occurred to me to do is to create a concrete levy in order to create a river bank/dock feature for my developing PA table.

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