Monday, May 7, 2012

50 Cent Mini Challenge: Update

Managed to work out a trade for the Gnoblar Trappers I painted:

The trade worked out very well.  Although, I will admit that I think I got the better end of the deal.  I traded the 8 metal figs for 2 boxes of un-assembled GW40K Termagants.

I do not game 40K.  In fact, I don't game with any GW models, at all.  These are superb figs, though.  I need to paint up the remaining 32 plastic Gnoblar Fighters, then I can start on these.  The only down side to this trade is the amount of $$$ left in the Challenge fund is $0.  That means the next item to go out the door either gets delivered by hand, is sold for cash, or puts the cash value into the negative.  Eventually, it will all work out.

Days Remaining: 245
Cash Value: $0
Items In Hand:
  • 32 plastic GWFB Gnoblar Fighters
  • 2 Boxed set of GW40 Tyranid Termagants

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