Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recruits Spring 2012 - Pt 5 (The Vendor Eye Candy)

This is the last post on Spring Recruits 2012.  This time around I'm going to highlight some of the commercial vendors and the eye candy they had out.  Of course, I've already posted about Laser Dream Works and DGS Games.

Combat Wombat was there, showing off their 15mm vehicles, if only I had the money and where withall to venture into 15mm SciFi.
Micropanzer was there, with 15mm SciFi, as well.  I really like Jason's stuff, and he's always got something under the table that he's working on, and willing to share with you.
RLBS was there as usual.  He's been at every Recruits I've attended over the last 5-6 years.  He even made it the year he had his heart problems.  He's a very prolific and exceptional painter...if only I had the time and talent...sigh.

There were a ton of other vendors there, as well (25 official ones, and more that just showed up) as well as a  very active silent auction.  I managed to pick up about $100 worth of items with the intention of reselling them.  I almost double my investment in less than a week, and still managed to keep a couple of goodies for myself.

That's it for my ruminations on Spring Recruits 2012.  I hope you enjoyed the posts, and found them informative.  I'll finish by saying that Duane and Laura, who sponsor the convention, along with everyone who helps them, are to be commended.  They commit a huge amount of time towards the effort and always manage to put on a great show.  The added bonus is that the convention is geared towards exposing the younger crowd to the hobby.  The convention isn't just about beardy old gits sitting around gaming.  It's about getting the younger generation into the hobby.  The games are child friendly, and there are always youngsters roaming the floor, asking questions and joining in games.

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