Friday, November 25, 2011

Salvage Crew - Blood N Gutz Faction

Since I started this project (pre-Zero Sum blog) the concept has changed a bit.  I am going with a more ruined desolation motif, instead of a partially detroyed world.  The background I have formulated (to be posted, soon) still works; the action will be shifting to the more nuke blasted portions of the world, first.

The first faction is Junior's Salvage Crew.  Salvage crews are groups of entrepreneurial individuals who risk the sundry dangers of the rad zones in search of treasure.  They are intrepid individuals, if not eh most savory or stable ones.  Junior's crew is one of the better ones in the region
Junior's Salvage Crew:
Junior, leader of the group:
 Junior is one of the stingiest people this side of the Rockies.  His operation is a shoestring affair, on its best days.  He does manage to get his crew to regularly bring in the best finds, and has a sizable nest egg to show for it.

Sid, No. 2 in charge
Sid is Junior's only real friend, which is good for Sid, because he's not a very likable individual.  Sid is the muscle of the group, not because he is the biggest, rather because he is the meanest of the lot.

Meat; All brawn, few brains
Meat isn't the brightest guy in the world; he makes up for it by being strong as an ox.  Sid is the only person he's truly afraid to stand up to.  When Junior needs a head busted, and Sid isn't around, Meat is who he turns to...he's easily manipulated.

Tiny: Jack of all trades
Tiny, somehow manages to stay the size he is; despite the grueling nature of the world.  He knows a little about almost everything, and is one of the smarter fellas on the crew.  Despite his reputation; due to an unfortunate argument/chainsaw incident, he's not a bad guy.

Frankie: The mechanic
Frankie is a top notch mechanic, but he's a little touched in the head.  He runs around wearing an old pilot's helmet, and talks to himself.  Despite it all, he can fix almost anything.

Trashcan: Finder of all things useful or not
Trashcan has an amazing capacity to see value in everything he lays his hands on; much to Junior's dismay.  He has to constantly "refocus" Trashcan's attention on what's valuable and what's not.  Trashcan is the crew's finder.  He's small enough to fit into places others can't, and crazy enough to do it. 

The Professor and his steam powered suit
The professor is a genius, and dwarf; a real live dwarf.  With Frankie's help, he built a steam powered suit; some say just to compensate for his small stature.  The crew uses it to retrieve their salvage.  Junior sees the value in humoring the professor, who he finds irritating beyond belief, because he is constantly coming up with money making ideas.  Plus, he has willed Junior is suit, which is worth it's weight in salvage, once he passes.

All the figs in the crew, except The Professor and his suit, are Salvage Crew minis (sold by MegaMinis). Junior and Tiny had their weapons removed and replaced with guns from one of the Reaper Chronoscope weapons sprues. Junior, Sid and Meat had Sci-Fi bits and funky hair dos scraped off their heads, as well. The professor is a clicky miniy that I re-based/painted.

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  1. Really cool looking stuff! I've never seen the "Professor" mini/clicky before - I like it!