Monday, February 20, 2012

More Repurposed Clickys (Modern Gunmen)

So much for catchy post titles, huh?  The title really says it all.  These are a couple more Heroclix minis I re-purposed.  I bought my last big batch of clickys from Troll and Toad with the intent of repainting them, selling them, and using the profits on my Post Apoc project.  As of right now, though, I think these two are going to stay in my collection.  I really like these two  figs.

The first one is the Heroclix "Manchester Black" figure.  He had what looked like a banana in his hand, that just wouldn't do.  I armed him with a Mac10, scrounged from a mini in the "pile O' lead".  The stance, and the way the gun is held give the figure a sense of attitude.  He looks like a proper gun toting Hooligan.  I'm not even going to rename the figure, because the name "Manchester Black" is so cool.

The second figure is one of the Heroclix Punisher incarnations.   I love the stance on this fig, and the detail is towards the top end, for clicky figures.  All I did was re-base  and re-paint it.  He will eventually, at some point, hopefully, maybe find his way onto the table as a Hi-Tech gunman, or assassin.


  1. You know, the more and more I see repurposed hero-clicks and other pre-painteds, the more I want to start doing it myself. Are there any special techniques I would need to know about?

  2. LL, I haven't been doing anything except priming them. Reading on line, a lot of people use acetone to strip them; it is a risky operation, though. The acetone will melt the plastic, if one is not careful. Nail polish remover seems to be a good cheap source.

    If done properly, you can reclaim some of the detail that is lost under the factory paint job. I have several clickys that I may sacrifice to learning how to do it. If I do, I'll post pics and my observations on the process.