Monday, February 13, 2012

The Professor and Number 19

I present for your critique, the Professor and  Number 19.  The Professor is a genius at cybernetics, and has been refining the technology.  Number 19 is the culmination of all his work to date.  Human from the neck up, and even then; barely, Number 19 is the most extensive body conversion the Professor has done.  The Professor is sort of a Frankenstein figure, as he stand, fist clenched in triumph, as his creation walks.

These minis are re-purposed Heroclix figs; I've been on kind of a spate of repainting lately, so look for more in the coming weeks.  The Professor is the Bruce Banner figure and Number 19 is the Pretty Boy figure.  The detail on both of them is really good and they painted up very well.  The bases are slotta base that I applied my diamond tread technique to.  I think I am going to repost the tutorial I did  on how to make it.

In the future, the only thing I would do different would be to strip the factory paint job off, in order to get crisper detail.  The loss, due to paint build up, isn't that bad on these two.  On a couple of others in the batch I bought, the loss is really bad.  To the point, that I need to go back and strip the primer I applied, as well as the factory job, in order to try and salvage them.