Saturday, December 17, 2011

TEOTWAWKI - Blasted Ruins WIP

I pulled this post from a PA gaming forum that I haunt, in an attempt to bring all my efforts under one roof.

The first step in building the world of TEOTWAWKI is to make some blasted ruins. I started with a laser cut foam core 6 story building from Gamecraft.  With shipping it cost me $20.  It might seem a little steep in price, unless you've ever build ruins from foam core.  For me the money spent was worth it.  I'll most likely post a review of this item in the near future.  Here is is laid out on the table.

I then took and drew out my ruins and started cutting.  I numbered the pieces, so they didn't get mixed up in the pile.  In the end, I had very little in the way of unusable scrap material.

After I had the basic shapes cut out, I shaped them to look more like broken concrete and such.  I ended up with 13 pieces total; 9 corners and 4 standing walls:

Here's a close up of some of the corner pieces in various stages:

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