Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Fifty Cent Miniature Challenge, Pt 3

Time for an update on this year's challenge.  I picked up a couple HUMMVs at Spring Recruits.  I paid $2 each for them.  They became the next items in line for the challenge.  I sold them for $8, basically doubling my money. A nice profit.

Ok, I bough another item for $5 and turned around an put it up for sale. Technically, I bought the item from my self.  I say this, because I bought it with the full intent of adding it to the challenge, even though I didn't have the $$$ in the challenge pile o cash.  I bought it on credit; essentially.

The item was 42 Gnoblars, from GWs Ogre Kingdoms.
Ignore the crappy pic; I'll post a better one, once figs are painted.
 I put them up for sale at the same time as the Hummers.  They didn't sell, though.  So, I decided to go ahead and paint at least some of them.  When they go out the door, I'll post another update.  So as of today here's where the challenge sits:

Days Remaining:  245
Balance: $3.57

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