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Recruits Spring 2012 - Pt 3 (The Games)

This time around, you get to see some of the games to be had at Spring Recruits, 2012.  There was a lot to do, as always.  For every picture here, there are 10's of others I missed.  There were a multitude of game to be played, spanning many genres.

The were Ancients in various forms from 54mm Gladiator combat to mass combat board games. 
Jay Allen, a long time TMP poster ran several games of Command and Color: Ancients.  I played a game against him, and found the game to be very enjoyable.  They have table top rules, and Jay said he's going to try to put together a 6mm game; hopefully next fall, or the following spring.
Moving up in time, there were several Napoleonic games, in various scales; some of the quite big affairs.

There were some other period pieces that were impressive, in their shear size.  The first was a 1/32nd scale FIW game with a block house as the center piece.
Posted From the Recruits Web Site
The other was a 28mm pirate game that took up its own room.  The people running the game were in costume, and there were a  total of 19 players in it.  The is the second time they've run the game at Recruits, and just WOW!
Posted from the Recruits Web Site.
Posted from the Recruits Web Site.

Next there was an impressive WWI; which was used to advertise the National WWI Museum, which is in Kansas City.  If you are a history buff, make a trip to KC to visit this museum.  I have traveled the world, and been to a lot of military/war museums.  This one is top shelf; you won't be disappointed.
Posted from the Recruits Web Site.
There was also a 1/72nd scale Dogfight game that was impressive, as well.
 There were several WWII games, as well; including a HUGE Stalingrad game and a Flames Of War Tourney.

For the modern era, there was an FNG game hosted by Darby Eckles, one of Two Hour Wargames prolific writers/developers that I played.  I'll have a BatRep up on it, next time I make a Recruits post. As posted last time, there was also a Ambush Alley game being run by Shawn Carpenter.
Science Fiction was well represented, too.  There was the ubiquitous WH40K tourney, that showcased some well finished forces, and some not so well ones, too, and some nice tables.
There were several space combat games, as well.  To my mind, I am seeing more and more of these at Recruits every year.  It seems mass space combat is picking up interest locally.
Like I said, I missed a ton of pictures on the weekend, so I would suggest going to the Recruits site and trolling around the gallery to see more of the fun that was had.

Next time around I'll post some pics of the eye candy some of the commercial vendors had, which I haven't posted, yet.  Til next time, keep your dice smoking and gaming happy.

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