Friday, April 13, 2012

Recruits Spring 2012 - Pt 1

I finally managed to find all the cables and power packs for the cameras.  My family managed to scatter them around the house and couldn't seem to remember where they were.  Anyway, I got the photos from Spring Recruits downloaded and edited.  So here is the first of a multi part report on the convention.

I am going to start off by high lighting a couple of companies/games that I think are just phenomenal  The first on is DGS Games, who were showing their upcoming game "Freeblades".  The game is a fantasy skirmish game, using what one of the developers described as 32mm.  Here are the current warband boxed sets the company has developed so far; these painted by the esteem-able Pat Chambers.

You might think that is a weird scale to develop a game in; there is a method to their madness. the figs are very life like in the dimensions. They actually fit nicely with the current Heroic 28mm miniatures that are out there.  Here's another example:
I didn't play the game; though I did peek in from time to time, over the weekend.  It looked like it flowed well, and the people I saw playing seemed to really enjoy it.  If the game is as good as the figures, I think DGS will do well with it.

The second company I'd like to share is a company named :Laser Dream Works.

These guys had some nicely panted minis.  That's not what drew one's attention to their table.  They had some beautiful, and I mean beautiful 28mm ships kits.  These are laser cut wood and must be seen to believe.
The one that will probably cause me to part with some hard earned cash was the Viking Longboat.
You can see from the photo above the amount of detail that goes into these kits.

That's it for today.  I'll get some more info post, in the form of a couple of battle reports and some eye candy.  Take care, and happy gaming.

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